The Media Services and Learning Technology (MSLT) team consists of a diverse network of media strategists, application developers, user experience designers, and educational technologists. The team is committed to designing and developing innovative academic tools and media informed by user experience and information design best practices. The group focuses exclusively on student learning experiences–ensuring that pedagogy/andragogy and learner academic success guide all design decisions.

Our mission is to outfit online learners with the digital tools and learning experiences they need to be successful.

Our vision is to tap into innate human curiosity to fuel successful lifelong learning.


The services listed below summarize the types of assistance that the media strategists and learning technologists at the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus provide to faculty. We’re happy to engage with you individually or in small groups, depending on your needs.

  Software Development

We design, develop, and deploy innovative learning technologies that improve the quality of education and enhance the student learning process.

  Technology Evaluation

We evaluate third-party learning technologies to ensure they meet accessibility, data security, and usability standards.

  Media Design

We collaborate with instructional designers and UW System faculty to create core instructional content including, but not limited to, videos, animations, graphics, and screencasts that engage learners and contribute to their academic success.

  Faculty Training

We train and guide external partners in the optimal use of media and learning technologies, including developing support strategies and materials to enhance faculty effectiveness.

  Technical Training

We write technical guides and design best practices for do-it-yourself media creation.

  User Experience Design

We develop, implement, and evaluate usability workflows and strategies for software development and media design to improve user (e.g., students, instructional designers, media strategists, etc.) performance.