Meet the Team
Photo of Patrick Wirth
Patrick Wirth

Director of Creative Services

I have the pleasure to lead one of the most innovative and creative teams in higher education. My team produces award winning digital media that informs, engages and inspires—communicating complex information through illustration, animation and video. We work to fuse collaboration and design to improve people’s lives beyond the classroom, and help support and drive … Read More

User Experience Design • Visual Communication • Project Mangement

Photo of Anthony Robinson
Anthony Robinson

Graphic Designer

In 2017, I graduated from the Graphic Design and Illustration program at Madison College. My ever-expanding design interests include graphic, web, and motion design. Along with my proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, I possess an array of illustration styles I enjoy putting to use. Being the naturally curious guy that I am, I enjoy keeping … Read More

Web Design • Graphic Design • Motion Graphics

Photo of Bryan Bortz
Bryan Bortz

Senior Media Specialist

I’m a designer who is equally fascinated with art and technology. As a result, I have a strong affinity for information design, usability, and user experience. In addition to working on media for courses, I help with interface design for our in-house media players and internal tools. I also design and develop workflows and documentation … Read More

Information Design • Interface Design • User Experience

Photo of Erin Oestreich
Erin Oestreich

Graphic Designer

I’m a media specialist and graphic designer. I feel fortunate to be able to tell people, “I love what I do,” and it is my goal to make that evident in my work. I enjoy a variety of different projects which include graphic design pieces, Web content, and media for our online collaborative programs. Each … Read More

Graphic Design • Web Design • Multimedia Design

Photo of Ethan Lin
Ethan Lin

Application Developer

I cultivated a deep love for learning about web and mobile application development and programming in general. I am a generalist in computer science with a bit of graphic design experience. I attended Madison Area Technical College, and in 2009, I received my Associate of Applied Arts degree in Visual Communication. In 2013, I graduated … Read More

Software Development • Web Development • UI/UX Design

Photo of Helen White
Helen White

Media Specialist

I graduated from UW – Eau Claire in 2018 with a Creative Writing degree, and spent a lot of my time in college taking on additional multimedia classes and personal projects to get as much experience with photography and videography as I could. Video production is a craft I’ve been in love with since my … Read More

Videography • Photography • Creative Writing

Photo of Ian Stone
Ian Stone

Media Specialist

I have worked in education in some way or another for my entire adult life, doing everything from website design to video editing. I’ve consequently come to appreciate the way that multimedia can clarify and reframe complex ideas for students, and to that end my work for CEOEL focuses primarily on helping to plan and … Read More

Graphic Design • Motion Graphics • Course Development

Photo of Jack Childers
Jack Childers

I’m a recent graduate from Southern Illinois University, where I studied history and cinema. Over the past few years, I’ve developed a passion and intellectual appreciation for media production and its modern capabilities. Accordingly, I enjoy exerting the necessary thought and creativity to successfully complete projects, whatever the content may be.

Cinema • History •

Photo of Lauryn Kennemore
Lauryn Kennemore


I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, sculptor and fabricator. Sure, that’s a lot of hats to wear, but no matter the means, it all comes down to one thing: problem solving. I absolutely love hacking away at visual problems and finding creative ways to solve them. Though it might seem the problem would dictate which hat … Read More

Graphic Design • Illustration • Motion Graphics

Photo of Marla Norton
Marla Norton

Creative Lead

I consider myself an adventurer, always up for a challenge, and someone who blazes new trails. I love the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that we have in CEOEL and every day tends to be an adventure. I am excited to take on all of our new and upcoming challenges. My time in CEOEL has brought … Read More

Branding • Creative Direction • Communications Design

Photo of Matt Wehrli
Matt Wehrli

Media Specialist

I’m a media specialist who works closely with our instructional online course designers and faculty. I develop media for our online collaborative programs, video and graphic design to enhance the learners online experience. Scheduling video shoots with faculty, executing the shoot, and post production are among my responsibilities in this position. When I’m not on … Read More

Cartography • Graphic Design • Videography

Photo of Nick Meyer
Nick Meyer

Senior Media Strategist

From a very early age, I can remember being drawn to the world of video. Whether it be cartoons on a Saturday morning, going to the cinema for a film’s opening night, checking out new rentals at the local video store or playing around with our family video camera. The world of moving pictures has … Read More

Videography • Photography • Graphic Design