Meet the Instructor Message

The Meet the Instructor message is an effective way to make a personal connection with students and build a sense of community. Instructors can inject personal anecdotes about their experiences in the field, highlighting their passion for their subject matter area. They can also include information about their family, hobbies, and teaching philosophies.

Tell a Story

Incorporate personal anecdotes into your message. Stories are a powerful way to inform and engage your audience simultaneously. Go beyond the what and when, and get at the why and how. Your message should not sound like you’re reading your resume.

Sample Outline and Talking Points

Use this sample outline as a starting point for crafting your message.

  1. Welcome and Introductory Statement
    • Greetings
    • Your name
  2. Education and Professional Background
    • What are your degrees and credentials?
    • How and why did you get into your field?
    • What excites you the most about the future of your field?
    • What research project(s) are you most proud of?
    • What are some of your career highlights?
    • Have you worked in the private sector? If yes, in what capacity?
  3. Experience and Background as an Educator
    • How and why did you get into teaching?
    • How do you motivate and/or inspire students?
    • What excites you the most about the future of your field?
    • What do you enjoy most about teaching?
  4. Personal Biographical Information (Optional)
    • What hobbies are you most passionate about?
    • What is your cultural background?
    • How do you engage with your community?
    • Would you like to share any information about your family?
    • What are some of your favorite family activities?
  5. Closing
    • Encourage students to communicate with your preferred method.
    • Encouragement and wishing good luck.
    • Thanks and goodbye.

Make it Evergreen

Meet the instructor messages should focus on you and not a specific course or program. Your message should endure the test of time and ideally be flexible enough to use in any UW Extended Campus course you facilitate. To ensure your message’s durability and versatility avoid the following.

  • Avoid framing your message as being for a specific course or program
    • “I am excited to be your instructor for SMGT100”
    • “This course will prepare you for your capstone”
    • “I excited to be one of one your instructor’s in the Health and Wellness Management Program”
  • Avoid statements that date your message
    • “It’s summer right now and I love hiking in the summer”
    • “I am excited your joining me for this fall semester”
  • Don’t make references to Specific tools or applications
    • “You’ll find my contact information in Canvas”


Your message should be succinct. An ideal length is about 2-5 minutes.


Your Meet the Instructor message can be delivered in a multitude of formats. Below are the most common. Which you choose is your preference! If you have no preference and development scheduling allows then we recommend recording a video in our studio.

  Video (studio recording)

Recorded in our studio in Madison, WI. Faculty write a script and read from a teleprompter.

  Example 1

Example 1 Script

  Video (self-recorded)

Faculty record their video on their own. Resources and training are provided if needed!

  Example 1

  Example 2


A slide deck with text, visuals, and audio narration.


Just a voice recording. Similar to a podcast.


Written format added to a page in the course. This is the default format for meet the instructor messages being created when a course is in maintenance.

  Example 1

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