Narrated Presentation PowerPoint Template

At UW Extended Campus we have faculty use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation content. Those presentations are then delivered via our proprietary open-source media player, the Storybook+ Player.

Why use this template? Why Storybook?

We humbly believe the Storybook+ Player provides a superior learning experience for students and an easier development experience for faculty. It has many benefits and features that an ordinary .pptx file or video recording do not. Below are a few of note:

  • Students can leave presentations and return to them later, resuming where they left off
  • Storybook works on all devices, browsers, and operating systems
  • Content can be chunked and organized in the table of contents
  • The interface and controls are ADA accessible
  • Integrated self-assessment quiz questions are available
  • During course revision, faculty can update specific parts of a presentation without reproducing the entire presentation

Slide Templates


This PowerPoint template was designed specifically for UWEX faculty creating presentation content for the Storybook+ Player. Click the button below to download the presentation template.

 uwex-faculty-template.pptx 1.1MB

Various slide templates can be used to create and organize your presentation. They all align with the different types of media content that the Storybook+ Player supports.

You can access the slide templates by clicking the down arrow next to the New Slide button at the top of the application window.


Standard Slide

Standard slides are typically presentation slides that have text, images, graphics, and audio narration.



These slides act as placeholders for where the videos will go in your presentation. You can link to videos from YouTube or use ones that you create yourself (and are hosted by Media Services).


Self-Assessment Questions

Multiple types of self-assessment questions are available for students to test their knowledge. You can also provide unique feedback based on the answer that was entered.

Best Practices

Follow the best practices below when making your content. Additionally, check out our resource page on Narrated Presentation Best Practices for useful information on crafting a presentation.

Slide Titles

All slides must have a title. Titles are required for the Storybook+ Player table of contents. Slide titles also need to be unique and meaningful. For example, avoid the same title with “part #” appended to the end.


Image Sources

Please provide a source for any images that you use. We’ll make sure your images are properly cited in your presentation or, if needed, find high-quality replacement images.

Self-Assessment Feedback

If you use any self-assessment questions, make sure to provide feedback for each answer. Feedback is critical to the student learning experience.

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