The teleprompter is a display device that sits in front of the camera, and allows you to read from a script while maintaining eye contact with the camera (and therefore with your students). The teleprompter scrolls through your script at a speed that is controlled by the media team member, and can be adjusted in-real-time to your pace.


Simplifies Video Shoot

Using a script via the teleprompter will ensure that you include all of your talking points without forgetting any, and will allow you to do so in a concise, consistent way. Instead of trying to remember the details of everything you want to cover, you’ll be able to focus on being in front of the camera and speaking to your students. Following a script also means that we’ll be able to record multiple takes that can be easily and seamlessly edited together.


Your media program lead will ask you to send in your completed scripts ahead of your video shoot, typically at least one week before. When using the teleprompter, prepare scripts, not outlines. The primary difference between these two is that a script is meant to be read verbatim, whereas an outline consists of general talking points. The teleprompter is made to be used with scripted content, and your direct address videos will be easier to produce, both in the studio and in editing, when we start with a script over an outline.

Video Examples

Explore these examples, all made using the teleprompter, from our faculty showcase.

 Example 1
Course Introduction: Finance for IT Managers
 Example 2
Points to Ponder: Voluntary Simplicity
 Example 3
Meet the Instructor: Shauna Froelich

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