UW Flex Competency Set Intro Videos

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We are excited to work with you on developing an introduction video for your UW Flexible Option competency set! The most essential component to developing an effective competency set introduction video is the script. This page will cover what a script is, how to write your script, and also how to be prepared for your video shoot. Let’s get started!

What is a Script?

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A script is a written document that is a detailed account of what you will be speaking during your video. It is important to distinguish this from an outline. An outline is a collection of high level talking points whereas a script is word-for-word what you will be speaking during your video recording. You do not need to memorize your script as you will be reading it from our teleprompter.


Suggested Structure for Writing Your Script

  • 1. Introduction
    • Name
    • Educational background
    • Related professional experience (non-academic)
    • Any other personal information you’d like to share
  • 2. Interest Builder
    • An interesting story, anecdote, statistic, etc., related to core topic of competency set. The goal is to help highlight topic importance and build intrigue.
  • 3. Core
    • What competencies will students learn in this set?
    • Why are these competencies important? Why does this set or project exist?
    • How will they build on skills that students already have?
    • How will this set or project prepare students for their career? Think about how you can tie this competency set or project to the real world.
  • 4. Wrap up
    • A few summary points that tie back to your interest builder and help to reinforce the importance of this set.
    • A brief sentence or two wishing the students well in the set or project.


Writing Tips and Requirements

Read Script Out Loud

The written and spoken word are different. Read your script out loud as you write it to make sure that it flows well for you when spoken out loud.

Keep it Current

Be careful not to include anything that will instantly date your video or could change in the future. Flex students are asynchronous and could be watching your video at anytime during the day, year, etc. Avoid getting too specific with things like assessments as you may change them in the future. It is better to keep things broad than specific so you have the flexibility to adjust your competency set in the future without negating the information in your video.



Do not exceed 1 page, single spaced, size 12 font. This translates to roughly 5 minutes.


It is recommended that you submit your script one week prior to your shoot date. This allows enough time for a review cycle to occur. Many times, scripts are generated without the spoken word in mind. The Creative Media Services team can provide minor suggestions to help the script flow without compromising the integrity of the information.



Here are a few exemplary examples. Click the buttons directly below to view each video and its original script.

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Watch Script

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Watch Script


Video Shoot Preparation

Once you’ve written your script there are couple things you can do to be prepared for your video shoot.

  • Practice
    • Practice reading your script out loud. You do not need to memorize your script, but you should be familiar with it and comfortable reading it out loud. This will allows us to focus on other aspects of your performance during your recording session (hand movement, cadence, etc).
  • Wardrobe
    • Business casual
    • No patterns – solid colors only
    • Your media specialist will give you more detail on what colors to wear for your shoot
  • Water
    • Bring water or a beverage to drink during your shoot. You will be talking a lot and drinking a beverage will help keep your voice fresh.

After the Shoot

After your shoot is complete, the Creative Media Services team will begin editing your video. This process can take up to three weeks to complete depending on how sophisticated the edit is.

Once the edit is complete, we will send you a link to your video for feedback. Often times we incorporate graphics so having an extra set of eyes from the subject mater expert can be extremely beneficial in the quality assurance process.

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