Getting Started With Media

This document will introduce you to the Media Team, what Media is, and some ways to get started implementing Media in your course.

What is the Media Team?

The Media Team produces award-winning digital media that informs, engages, and inspires—communicating complex information through illustration, animation, and video.

We work to fuse collaboration and design to improve the student experience in the classroom, and help support and drive the Wisconsin Idea forward.

Our staff is an ambitious group of graphic designers, motion graphic artists, user experience designers, and videographers, all of whom are passionate about creating a visual and interactive experience for our degree-seeking students.

What Is Media?

Media refers to content that combines multiple content forms. These content forms include images, audio, video, animation, and interactivity. In the context of e-learning, media is used in various ways to enhance and improve the student’s learning experience. Media is not intended to supplant instructor content but rather support it.

How Does Media Benefit the Student?

Media, when used effectively, can greatly enhance the student’s learning experience in an online course. There are multiple techniques and strategies the Media Team considers when developing media assets in an effort to eliminate cognitive overload and address various learning styles for students. These strategies will be discussed further at future consultations and collaboration sessions.

How Do I Get Started?

Your initial consultation with an instructional designer is a great place to begin conversations about media. You are not creating a media plan at this time but rather addressing some high-level questions to jump-start the media planning process.

Do you have existing media you want to use in your course (e.g., videos, animations, graphics, screencasts, etc.)?

You are more than welcome to link to videos and other media assets you have created, and/or curated through the Internet resources.

Copyright infringement is a concern, so any linked media content should be verified as legitimate first. In most cases, this is just making sure that the person who uploaded the content to the Internet is indeed the owner of the content. The Media Team can help secure permission to use content in the course if needed.

Do you have experience developing media assets for face-to-face and/or online instruction (e.g., video, narrated presentations, screencasts, etc.)?

Many faculty have experience creating media assets and have developed familiarity using various educational technologies. Knowing this ahead of time may help us develop a media plan that tailors to your skill set—creating more efficiencies in the development process.

Have you been on camera before (e.g., interviews, lectures, etc.)?

The Media Team would like to get a sense of your comfort level and previous experience working in front of a camera. If you have previous experience, we may want to encourage more video development for your course if it meets your instructional goals.

Media Examples

We encourage you to take a look at our media showcase to get a better sense of:

  • What your colleagues are producing for their online courses.
  • The quality and expertise the Media Team at CEOEL offers.
  • The various types of media options that can be created.

StoryBook Plus

Storybook is our interactive presentation player that we use in out courses. It is built in house.


The Media Team will help guide you through the media development process. Our goal is to make media creation as painless as possible. This means we will take care of all the heavy lifting when it comes to editing, designing, formatting, assembling, and hosting media.

Along the way we offer 1:1 web consultations if you experience any issues in developing media content for your course. We also provide various tutorials and documentation to assist in the development process.

Published on April 28, 2015 at 10:45:39 am CDT. Last modified on May 08, 2018 at 12:46:20 pm CDT.