Narrated Presentation Production Process

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The process first starts with you, the faculty. You’ll map out and build your presentation content in PowerPoint. You are not responsible for any aesthetic considerations such as font choice, graphic design, and formatting. You as the faculty only need to focus on instructional content, presentation structure, and presentation outcomes.If needed, you will also be provided with a microphone headset for audio recording. All of this is covered in more detail in additional resource pages.

Once finished, you’ll deliver your PowerPoint file and it will be reviewed by your instructional designer and an editor. During this review process, our team will consider things such as objective alignment, cognitive overload, spelling, grammer, and more. You may receive actionable feedback during this stage.

Next, the media team receives your PowerPoint file from instructional design and we begin our design process. We will apply a custom visual theme to your presentation, format each slide, redraw graphics, add new graphics, add basic animations when applicable, transfer your presentation into our Storybook player and more.

Finally, your finished formatted presentation is embedded into the course for you by instructional design, and, soon after, a downloadable transcript is made available.

Published on January 28, 2021 at 2:20:50 pm CST. Last modified on January 28, 2021 at 2:20:50 pm CST.