Narrated Presentations


Narrated Presentations are one of the most common types of instructional media we produce at UW Extended Campus. While this form of media is not unique to UW Extended Campus, our approach and delivery system are. Our process and technology have been refined over many years and courses, and have been thoughtfully designed to maximize the student learning experience, while keeping the development process straightforward for faculty.

How we define Narrated Presentations

Narrated presentations are ubiquitous across continuing education. You might be more familiar with terms such as:

  • “PowerPoint presentation”
  • “video lecture”
  • “slide deck”
  • “slideshow”

Their prevalence is also matched by the diversity in design and development approaches, and delivery systems. Therefore, it’s fair to say that the term “Narrated Presentation” will evoke different meanings and interpretations depending on your personal background.

We acknowledge and appreciate these varied experiences. However, just like in any collaborative effort, it is important to come to one shared understanding in order to effectively achieve success. At UW Extended Campus, we define a narrated presentations as a guided multimedia presentation whose structure and content are mapped out in PowerPoint and delivered via our proprietary multimedia player, the Storybook player.

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