Recording Narration for Presentations


We use PowerPoint as our main narration recording tool. it may seem like a weird choice, but it has it’s benefits. First, it produces individual audio recordings for each slide. This makes it easy for the Media Team to edit and work with. Second, almost everyone has access to PowerPoint, and is at least partially familiar with it.

What follows is general narration guidelines, and the steps required to record, re-record, and preview your Narrated Presentation using PowerPoint.

Preparations for Recording

A few things to do every time you sit down to record narrations.

  • Always un-plug laptop computers during recording. This will help avoid any ground Loop hum issues.
  • Find a quiet place and time to record.
  • Silence notifications on your Computer/Phone or any other devices near you when recording.

The Headset

The Media Team will provide a USB headset for you to use to record your narrations. You can use other headsets if you have them, but we highly recommend that it is:

  1. A headset style microphone. Desk microphones and microphones that are part of your laptop or webcam will not produce the recording quality we are striving for..
  2. Connected via USB. This simplifies a lot of the configuration and setup of Microphones.
  3. Good Quality. If you are unsure how to judge the quality of your microphone, feel free to send in a sample recording for the Media Team to take a listen to.

The steps below apply to all microphones, but some specifics about controls on the microphone will vary among the different models.


Plug the headset into an available USB port on your computer. It will take a few moments to be recognized and ready. On Windows you may see a notification in the lower right of your screen telling you that Windows has recognized the headset, or that it is configuring Windows to use the headset.

Microphone Placement

Placement of the headset’s microphone is very important and to both get good quality audio, and to avoid any unwanted blowing on the Microphone.

Headset Controls

When using the provided Logitech USB Microphone, there are both Volume controls for the headset and a Mute toggle button for the microphone on the microphone’s cable. The + and – buttons control the volume of the headset speakers, it does not affect the recording volume of the Microphone. The big silver button (with the Logitech Logo) toggles Microphone Mute.

The microphone is muted when the red LED is flashing. Press the Mute button to toggle mute on and off.

The Recording Process

The rest of this document is split into two sections corresponding to the version of PowerPoint you are using. Click the appropriate on your platform below to continue.

Windows macOS

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