Storybook Player Overview


The Storybook Presentation player is a comprehensive media player created by UW Extended Campus. It has been designed with students and usability in mind. This is reflected in the simplicity of the user interface and its accessibility features. You can browse the different parts of the player interface below.

Storybook allows students to access various forms of online content in manageable pieces from a table of contents located in the player’s sidebar. The player is content-agnostic, giving instructors the ability to assemble presentations using a wide array of assets, including slides with and without audio narration, Kaltura/YouTube/Vimeo videos, screencast recordings, basic animations, self-assessment quizzes, and HTML content. Storybook gives you the flexibility to curate content and present materials in a meaningful, pedagogically sound manner.

The media player also has a built-in quiz engine that you can use to integrate formative self-assessments throughout your presentations. The quiz engine accommodates various forms of question types including true/false, multiple-choice, multiple select, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer.

Supported Media Types

Media Details
Slides with or without audio narration
  • The most commonly used Storybook page type
  • Used for when paring narration with a slide
  • Uses the same playback controls as videos
Bundles (basic animation)
  • A set of images that play in sequence along with audio
  • Good for building simple diagrams or a series of bullets
  • Good for adding annotations as you narrate
🎥 Video
  • Used for anything that comes in video form:
    • Screencasts
    • Lightboard presentations
    • Standard video content (Introductions, interviews, demonstrations, etc)
    • Animations
    • Drawings/written words
  • Supports videos from most common sources such as YouTube, Vimeo and Kaltura; be sure to discuss using videos from external sources with a Media Team member before selecting them
  • Useful for students to quickly check their comprehension of topics just presented
  • Supports all basic question types (true/false, multiple-choice, multiple-select, fill in the blank and short answer)
  • All questions support feedback for correct and incorrect answers
  • Intended for Self-assessment use; Storybook does not send data to the Gradebook
HTML Document
  • Custom small HTML documents created by the Media Team can be embedded into presentations
  • Useful for custom interactive tools and quickly supporting new content types

Author Profile

The Storybook player has an author profile area that displays a short bio and image of the author. If you create a narrated presentation, you’ll be asked to provide both. The bio should be short and cover your professional and educational background. Your bio image should be roughly 300px x 300px or larger.

Published on December 16, 2020 at 9:12:37 am CST. Last modified on December 22, 2020 at 9:30:05 am CST.