StoryBook Presentation Template

We have developed a presentation template to help quickly create StoryBook presentations. It is a PowerPoint template that is used to organize and produce your presentation content.

The StoryBook Presentation Template is intended to be an inclusive solution to organizing and delivering content for your StoryBook presentation to the Instructional Designers and Media Team members at CEOEL. By this we mean that it should potentially hold all of the information that will appear in your presentation. This includes slides, their narration, quiz questions, and videos.

This template is not a theme. In other words, your presentation will not look like it does in this template. We will take the information, images, quiz questions, and narration from the presentation you create with this template and format it with a theme that matches the overall look and feel of your program.

We hope this tool helps you organize your ideas and think about ways to present your content. If you have any questions or need clarification about anything, feel free to contact your Instructional Designer.

How to Use the StoryBook Presentation Template

This template is provided as a PowerPoint presentation. To use it, you should make a new copy of the Template file, and rename it. Then use this file when making a new presentation.

How to Access the Slide Types

All of the various slide types we have defined can be accessed from the New Slide and Layout menus on the main Home tab of PowerPoint.

It may seem like an overwhelming menu at first, but it’s actually pretty simple. We have provided a few extra versions of many of the basics to give you options.

The Different Slide Types

General use slides are first in the list, and our slides that have forms for things like quizzes and videos are at the end.

We have colored the background of the various slides to represent their general functions:

  • Gray: Organization and Utility
    These are things like Title Slides and Section Slides.
  • Blue: General Use.
    These slides are the core of your presentation and provide many layout options for text and images.
  • Orange: Quiz Items
    The quiz item slides provide forms to allow you to easily record and organize the information needed for creating Quiz Questions.
  • Green: Videos
    The green video slides are for placing videos in the middle of your presentation.

Being Successful Using This Template

Always do your best using the provided slide types. We understand there will be cases where they don’t quite fit your use, and sometimes you will have to do your own thing.

Pay attention to form fields on all of the slides. It is important to make sure they are filled in to the best of your ability. Every bit of information you can clearly share with us helps us create better presentations together.


You can download the current version of the StoryBook Presentation Template below:

storybook_presentation_template.pptx 68kb

Published on April 23, 2015 at 2:09:53 pm CDT. Last modified on July 01, 2019 at 10:09:31 am CDT.