Download & Install

Kaltura Capture is not a free desktop application, but for University of Wisconsin students, this application is available on LMS for free.

Canvas Editor
Canvas Editor with the More External Tools button circled in red.
Record/upload media

Do not click the Record/Upload Media button.
This is not the button to record or upload video for Kaltura Capture.

More External Tools dropdown menu
More External Tools dropdown menu.

To download Kaltura Capture application:

  1. Sign into an online course and go to any page that has a Canvas Editor
  2. Click the More External Tools button (the blue down arrow)
  3. Click My Media on the dropdown menu
My Media
My Media Modal Window
Add New dropdown menu
+ Add New dropdown menu.
  1. Click the + Add New button on popup modal window
  2. Click Kaltura Capture on the dropdown menu
UW System terms and conditions
UW System terms and conditions
  1. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.
My Media
Kaltura Capture download links
  1. For Windows (PC), click the Download for Windows link.
    For Mac (Apple), click the Download for Mac link.
  2. Follow the Kaltura Capture installer prompts to complete the installation.
  3. Open the Kaltura Capture application after the installation is completed.
Kaltura Capture application
Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder
Kaltura Capture App icon
App Icon

The Kalture Capture user interface should look like the image above.

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