Share/Post Recording

Follow the steps below to share/post recording on Canvas LMS to fellow enrolled students and instructor in the current course.

Canvas Editor
Canvas Editor with the More External Tools button circled in red.
Record/upload media

Do not click the Record/Upload Media button.
This is not the button to record or upload video for Kaltura Capture.

More External Tools dropdown menu
More External Tools dropdown menu.

To share/post a video:

  1. Sign into an online course and go to any page that has a Canvas Editor
  2. Click the More External Tools button (the blue down arrow)
  3. Click My Media on the dropdown menu

My Media Modal

All media (if any) will be listed in the My Media modal.

  1. Click the Select button next to the recording that is to be shared. The recording will be embedded to the Canvas Editor, and the My Media modal will close automatically.

Select options

By default, the recording will be embedded onto the Canvas Editor at a medium size. To change the size of the embed, click the down arrow next on the Select button. A dropdown menu will display three choices, which are cut off. The three choices are large, medium, and small. Select the desired size, and it will be embedded onto the Canvas Editor.

Recording link on Kaltura Capture library

Do not share the link from the Kaltura Capture library.

This is a private link. All recordings uploaded to Kaltura are private by default. Once the video is shared or posted on Canvas LMS, it becomes public to the enrolled students and instructor(s) of a course.

Published on March 17, 2020 at 12:00:18 am CDT. Last modified on March 17, 2020 at 12:33:28 am CDT.