Webcam Video Recording

Canvas Editor
Canvas Editor with the More External Tools button circled in red.
Record/upload media

Do not click the Record/Upload Media button.
This is not the button to record or upload video for Kaltura Capture.

More External Tools dropdown menu
More External Tools dropdown menu.

To start a webcam recording:

  1. Sign into an online course and go to any page that has a Canvas Editor
  2. Click the More External Tools button (the blue down arrow)
  3. Click My Media on the dropdown menu
My Media
My Media Modal Window
Add New dropdown menu
+ Add New dropdown menu.
  1. Click the + Add New button on popup modal window
  2. Click Kaltura Capture on the dropdown menu
UW System terms and conditions
UW System terms and conditions
  1. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.
Automatic launch app

If the Kaltura Capture app is already installed, the app will launch automatically. If not, please refer to the Download & Install section.
open link prompt

open app prompt

A prompt similar to the either one of the images above may be presented.

  1. Click the Open… button to open the Kaltura Capture application.

Kaltura Capture application

For an explanation of the user interfaces, please refer to User Interfaces section.

Kaltura Capture Screen Disabled

  1. Click the Screen button to disable or turn off screen recording.

Kaltura Capture Camera Preview

  1. Click the Webcam preview/input button to make sure the webcam is active. Change the input of the webcam if necessary. If the Webcam button is grayed out, webcam is disabled or not available.

Kaltura Capture Audio Preview

  1. Click the Audio preview/input button to make sure the microphone is active. Change the input of the microphone if necessary. If the Audio button is grayed out, microphone is disabled or not available.
  2. Click the Start Recording (big red) button to start recording.
start recording count down
A three (3) seconds count down will start before recording actually starts.
Webcam recording in progress
When the webcam recording starts, what is being recorded is displayed below the recording window.
  1. Click the Stop Recording (gray square) button to stop the recording. A popup dialog will prompts for confirmation.

    Click the Yes, Stop it button to stop recording and the open post-recording window.

Save and Upload webcam recording

  1. Enter a title for the recording in the Title field.
  2. Click the Save & Upload button to save and upload the video to Kaltura.

Once the recording is saved and uploaded, it will be displayed in the library. For instructions on sharing or posting the recording on online course, please refer to the Share/Post Recording section. For instructions on how to edit the recording, please refer to the Edit Recording section.

Published on March 16, 2020 at 5:15:28 pm CDT. Last modified on March 17, 2020 at 9:43:53 pm CDT.