Sustainability in a Wisconsin Brewery with CEO, Central Waters Brewing Co., Paul Graham – S1E6

November 27, 2019

By Forward, Sustainably

Grab your favorite beverage and get ready for a great podcast episode with our guest Paul Graham, CEO of Central Waters Brewing Co. in Amherst, Wisconsin. Right out of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens point, Paul began working with the original founders of the brewery. A few years later Paul ended up purchasing the business and pouring his heart and soul into every detail. Paul states, “I make a lot of decisions with my heart,” and that’s exactly what you’ll hear through this interview. We dive into details about collaboration within the brewing industry, sharing of next best practices in sustainability, waste, water, energy, community and people.

Central Waters isn’t flashy with the marketing of their sustainability practices. The crew there is intentional about what they do, how they operate and how they produce their product. Paul believes sustainability is not an option; in his opinion they are required to integrate it into what they do as they are stewards of the land, always trying to improve. Don’t miss additional topics covering packaging, bio-digesters, family farms and how this geography major became one of the authentic sustainability leaders in the beer industry. In October of 2019, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed Executive Order #52 which established the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change. The task force will report their findings and policy recommendations to Governor Evers by August 2020. Shortly after recording with Paul it was announced that he would represent Central Waters Brewing Company on the Governor’s task force on climate change.

Forward, Sustainably is produced by the University of Wisconsin Sustainable Manage Programs.

Amanda Goetsch – Host
Bryan Bortz – Editing/Production
Ian Stone – Music/Production