Sustainability in Healthcare with Mary Evers Statz – S1E4

November 1, 2019

By Forward, Sustainably

Mary Evers Statz is the sustainability director and leads the energy management and sustainability efforts throughout the UW Health system which includes 7 hospitals and over 80 clinics in south central Wisconsin and northern Illinois and serves more than 600,000 patients each year. In this position Mary is responsible for the corporate vision and strategy to make UW Health a more environmentally friendly enterprise. Mary holds her Master’s in Sustainable Management and has over 25 years design, construction and facility management experience. In this episode we cover a wide range of topics related to sustainability in the healthcare industry. We cover topics including waste, plastic usage, challenges in the recycling industry and value stream, the uniqueness of treating medical waste, reprocessing single use devices, sustainability employee engagement in hospital staff and of course everyone’s favorite topic, food! This discussion is a great view into healthcare sustainability but is applicable to many other situations. Join us today!

Forward, Sustainably is produced by the University of Wisconsin Sustainable Manage Programs.

Amanda Goetsch – Host
Bryan Bortz – Editing/Production
Ian Stone – Music/Editing