Submitting Bug Reports and Feature Requests for our Software and Tools

Feature Requests and Bug Reports for software and sites produced by the Learning Technology and Media Team can be submitted via their respective GitHub repositories.

To submit Issues on GitHub, you will need a GitHub account. These are free, and you can either use an existing personal account or create a new one using your Extended Campus email address.


  1. Navigate to the GitHub repository for the player or tool in question. (See below for a list)
  2. Click the Issues tab at the top of the repository.
  3. Click the green New Issue button.
  4. Enter a Title for your issue.
  5. Enter a Description for your issue.

    Please be as detailed as possible. For bugs, include instructions for reproducing the issue. Please attach screenshots and add links to examples where appropriate.

What Happens Next

Once you have submitted your feature request or bug report, it will be reviewed by the appropriate team member. If there are any questions, they will be posted on the issue. So keep an eye on the email associated with your GitHub account for notifications. If you have additional information or questions for an issue, they can be added as replies to the issue.

Once an issue is resolved, it will be closed by the team member working on it. If you have further questions, or the issue was not completely resolved, you can return to the closed issue and post a new reply.

Our GitHub Repositories

Storybook Plus v3

Storybook Packager

Generic Video Player

Droplets v3

The Media Team website –

System Requirements Check

Branding Utilites

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