Our Kaltura media has been migrated to the central Kaltura instance managed by University of Wisconsin System. We no longer have access to the Kaltura Management Console (KMC). We now have to use Kaltura MediaSpace is a front-end to Kaltura to upload and manage videos. MediaSpace and can be accessed from the following URL:


Uploading a Video to Kaltura via MediaSpace

  1. Click “ADD NEW” from the upper right of the Media Space interface.
  2. Click “I agree to the above terms and conditions” to unhide the upload interface.
  3. Begin Uploading – Select your video for upload to begin the upload.
  4. Title the video – Enter the title for your video via the Name field.
  5. Add Tags – Add tags to your video. The prefix uwex- must be used on all tags.
  6. Set Collaborator Click Add Collaborator and enter UWEX-G-UWEX as a collaborator on this video entry. – Select Co-Editor, Co-Publisher, Co-Viewer. If you do not add this, other people on the team will not be able to find the video.
  7. Verify Publishing Status – Leave the publishing status set to “Unlisted.”
  8. Save your changes – Before continuing, click Save to save the settings you have configured.
  9. Click Go To Media to view this entry.
  10. From the Actions menu located on the right-hand side of the screen click Edit…
  11. Set a Thumbnail – Click the Thumbnails tab to upload thumbnails or capture a thumbnail from the video.
  12. Add Captions – Click the Captions tab to upload SRT captions for the video. Note: Do not use “Caption & Enrich” for captions.

Getting the Kaltura ID for your video

The Kaltura ID for your video is not located in the MediaSpace interface. The easiest way to access the Kaltura ID for a video is to navigate to the entry page for a video and then copy it from the address bar in your browser.

  1. Navigate to the video entry in Media Space.
  2. Click in your address bar.
  3. Select the Kaltura ID from the end of the URL
    Example: https://mediaspace.wisconsin.edu/media/t/1_qijt9de0
    Example: https://mediaspace.wisconsin.edu/edit/0_0cbv2yst
  4. Copy the Kaltura ID

Viewing Previously Uploaded Videos

You can view previously uploaded videos from the My Media section of MediaSpace.

  1. Click your name in the upper right
  2. Click “My Media”

Searching for Videos in MediaSpace

Searching for videos in MediaSpace should be done from the My Media page. Do not use the Search button located at the top of all MediaSpace pages.

[Search bar img]

Also, it should be noted that clicking on tags you see in MediaSpace does not work for searching either. You cannot easily view only the videos associated with a specific tag.

If you can’t find a previously uploaded video

If you cannot find a video that was previously uploaded by someone else, contact them, and have them make sure UWEX-G-UWEX was added as a collaborator for the video.

Notes About Migrated Videos

Videos that have been migrated from our old Kaltura instance will have descriptions with extra information in them. This includes the original creation date of the video and the account of the original uploader. It also includes the original Kaltura Entry ID. This is not the current entry ID, and cannot be used in projects. As noted above, use the Kaltura ID shown in the address bar of your browser.

Notes about MediaSpace Channels

We are not using channels. They will not provide improved organization or navigation of our videos and are confusing to use and manage for our purposes.

Documentation of the old process is available here:

Published on May 28, 2020 at 4:26:00 pm CDT. Last modified on May 28, 2020 at 4:38:08 pm CDT.