Live Stream Productions

Live streams are very similar to standard video productions, but due to their live nature they require an even heavier emphasis on pre-planning. There are no re-dos or editing so it is critical that a detailed plan be developed.


What: What is the focus of your live stream event? What topic(s) will be covered? It is important to narrow this down as much as possible. Having a sharply focused subject will be more effective in gaining interest in your event and searchability after the fact.

Who: Who will be participating in the live event in front of and behind the camera? Who are your subject matter experts and who is your behind-the-scenes team? Who is your audience? Prospective students, current students, a specific type of student?

Where: Will it be streamed over Facebook, YouTube, etc? Are all your subject experts able to be in the same location?

When: When will the live stream occur?

Why: Why are we doing this live stream? What is the goal of the live stream?

How: How will you get the word out about the live event? The whole point of doing live event is to engage with your audience in realtime. It is important to have a plan in place to bring in as many viewers as possible.



Talent: The talent is the subject matter expert that will be providing the main content which the live stream is shaped around. This could be one or multiple people.

Moderator: The moderator is responsible for guiding and conducting the flow of everything happening in front of the camera during the live stream. This includes conducting interviews, leading group discussions, signing on and off to the audience, altering viewers to send in their live questions, etc.


Media Specialist: The media specialist is responsible for making sure that all software and hardware needed for the live stream is functioning properly. This includes but is not limited to cameras, microphones, lighting, streaming software, integrity of the live feed, etc.

Marketing Specialist: The marketing specialist is responsible for developing a plan to promote

Live Engagement Moderator: The live engagement moderator is responsible for monitoring all areas in which viewers can engage with the stream in real time. Specifically, filtering out and shaping questions sent in by live viewers and then delivering them to the moderator.

Producer: The producer oversees the live stream as a whole.


  1. Determine your plan and all of its details.
  2. Determine your team.
  3. Fill out the Live Steam Creative Brief.
  4. Have a kick-off meeting with your team to talk over your plan and set an agenda for leading up to the live stream and the day of the live stream.


Please use this creative brief when planning a live stream.

Live Stream Creative Brief

Here is the slide deck from our presentation on producing Live Streams.

Live Stream Presentation Deck

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