Meet the Instructor Video

Motion Graphics Template

Each UW campus has a theme that matches their school colors and branding. For Meet the Instructor videos, use the theme that corresponds with that instructor’s home campus.

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Title templates for Meet the Instructor videos can be imported directly into Premiere Pro from the template library. For access, make sure that you are signed into Creative Cloud with your UWEX credentials, and that you are added to the Shared Creative Cloud folders (contact Nick if you need to be added). You will then be able to access the title templates through the Libraries or Essential Graphics panel, under the UWEX Video Title Templates library.

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The MTI title template, when placed in the sequence, can be edited to match the instructor’s home campus and name. With the video title selected, use the Effect Controls panel to type in the instructor’s full name, making sure to double-check the spelling. You can also select the instructor’s home campus from the drop down menu. Verifying an instructor’s home campus is as easy as googling their name; they will often have a bio or acknowledgement on their home campus’s website.

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Best Practices

Video titles should be placed at the very beginning of a sequence, and be at a minimum of 5 seconds. Titles can be extended when needed for longer names.

Project Organization

File Naming

Meet the Instructor files should be titled using the instructor’s full name: firstname-lastname. For instructors with a hyphenated last name or multiple first names, hyphenate between all names: Jane Smith-Johnson’s MTI files would be named jane-smith-johnson.


When uploading your file to 3Play for transcription, the name of the video or audio file should be formatted as course###_firstname-lastname and uploaded into the folder of the course that the instructor is teaching. For example, if John Smith is teaching HWM710, you would upload his file as hwm710_john-smith to the hwm710 folder.

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Including the course abbreviation in the file name helps to keep the MTI transcriptions organized by course and department for billing purposes.


Photos and Graphics

Instructors will sometimes send in photos related to their Meet the Instructor video. These can be photos of their family, travels, hobbies, work or education experiences. If needed, you can edit these photos before importing them into the project and including them at relevant moments in the video. If the aspect ratio of the photo is different than that of the video, avoid stretching the photos to fit. Instead, crop or resize them, or place them on a background that matches the video theme.

Even if the instructor doesn’t send in photos, feel free to search the internet for copyright-free images or create graphics that suit the video.

Sequence Size and Aspect Ratio

Faculty will often record Meet the Instructor videos on their own and send them in, meaning that things like aspect ratio, resolution, and orientation may vary from video to video. One thing to keep in mind while setting up your Premiere Pro project for an MTI video is your sequence settings, which can be edited from the Sequence menu in Premiere.

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The aspect ratio should always be 16:9, and, ideally, the resolution should be 1920x1080. However, if you are working with a lower resolution video, you can reduce the resolution in the sequence settings (while maintaining a 16:9 ratio) so that the video doesn’t have to be scaled past 100%.

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If an instructor records a video with an incompatible aspect ratio – for example, a vertical phone recording – there are a few options. The video can be cropped to fit, or placed on a background colored to match the branding of the instructor’s home campus.

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