Project Organization

Project organization is an often overlooked component of media projects but is one that is of great importance. A very poorly organized project can lead to errors, decreased efficiency and worst of all – lost files. Here at UW Extended Campus, projects will often be traded between team members and old projects will be revisited months or years later. Good project organization makes these processes possible and ensures they run smoothly.

Project organization for Course Content such as videos and Storybook Presentations falls into two main categories. The file/folder structure and the way things are organized inside of the project documents in applications like Premiere and After Effects.

There is a basic high-level structure that everyone must follow, but within that structure, there is room for individual interpretation. Make sure to review our documentation on file naming conventions for guidelines on how to name your files and folders.

Storybook Projects

  • Project Folder
    This is the main folder that holds all subfolders and files for a particular project. It is named according to file naming guidelines. Since this folder encapsulates everything related to the project, it is what is backed up to the File Server when the project is complete.
  • dev – Style A
    This folder contains all of your project files and assets. Think of this directory as the work/development area for the project.

    In Style A this folder contains the PowerPoint project, the source PowerPoint file that was delivered to you, and some sub folders that contain assets that support the Storybook Presentation.

  • audio
    Place all of the audio files used in the Storybook Presentation inside of this folder.
  • images
    All of the supporting images that have been created or edited for inclusion in your PowerPoint file should be stored in this folder.
  • video
    If your project has Storybook Pages that are videos you are creating, you will create those videos inside of this folder. It is an exact copy of the dev folder of a Video Project, as explained above. Videos include any video content you make or finalize in Premiere or After Effects.
  • dev – Style B
    This folder contains all of your project files and assets. Think of this directory as the work/development area for the project.

    In Style B this folder only contains three folders. One for the Premiere project, one for the After Effects project files, and a final folder that is the assets folder for the whole project.

  • premiere
    This is where you will place your Premiere Project and the associated output folder.
  • after effects
    This is where you will place your After Effects project and the associated output folder.
  • assets
    All assets supporting the PowerPoint, Premiere and After Effects project files are stored inside of this folder. You also store the source PowerPoint file and the PowerPoint project file inside of this folder too. It is recommended to group both in a “slides” folder.
  • transcription
    This folder contains the plain text transcription file that we receive from our transcription service 3Play Media and the finished transcript word document. Please review our transcript documentation for how to put a transcript together.
  • fin
    The final assembled ready-to-upload project is stored here. It is an exact copy of what will be stored on the web server.


  • Automatically Generated Folders – Any time you create a Premiere project or After Effects project you will notice that they auto-generate a few supporting folders automatically. These are not outlined here for the sake of simplifying things. These are assumed to exist as part of “Premiere project” and “After Effects project” above. They should not be moved or renamed.

Acquiring Assets Slide Formatting

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