Storybook – Acquiring Assets

Typically all of the assets required to produce a Storybook Presentation will be delivered to you by your Instructional Design partner. It is assumed that you will be provided all of the materials required for a presentation at the same time. It is expected that the version you are given will not be subject to revisions. This means that any tweaks or changes have been completed and reviewed by the instructor and instructional design before it was handed off to media.

Typically media is delivered via the media Uploader Drive. Usually, the Instructional Designer will place the completed presentation and associated files on the drive and then notify you via email or Slack that they are ready to be pulled down and worked on.

Delivery Formats

Content will be delivered to you in multiple ways. The typical and preferred method, though, is as a Narrated PowerPoint presentation. The following is a list of most of the ways course content can be delivered to you. Instructors are creative though, and new methods are sure to appear.

  • Narrated PowerPoint presentation (Prefered and encouraged)
  • PowerPoint Presentation with separate audio file(s) for narration
  • PowerPoint Presentation without narration
  • Screen Recording(s) of the presentation being narrated
  • Videos that will accompany or comprise the Pages in the Storybook Presentation
  • Other presentation delivery formats such as captivate

A Note about PowerPoint Files Ending in PPT

While not as common these days, we still get PowerPoint files that are not in .pptx format but rather the older .ppt format. These files are an issue because if they are opened in current Mac versions of PowerPoint and then saved the audio inside of the file may disappear. Best practice with .ppt files is to immediately open them and before doing anything else save them as a .pptx file.

Additionally, the method we use to extract copies of the audio out of a PowerPoint file does not work with the older .ppt format. So you will have to convert them to complete that task anyway.

Always follow these steps when getting a file ending in .ppt:

  1. Immediately open the .ppt upon receiving it
  2. Choose Save as… from the File menu
  3. At the bottom of the open/save dialog set the File Format to PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)
  4. Save the file in the dev folder of the project
  5. Work from this new file moving forward

Reporting Your Progress Project Organization

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