Storybook – Process Overview and Checklist

Below is a high-level overview of the Storybook production process. The rest of this series of Storybook Production documents will go into depth on each individual topic.

The items marked below are items that have associated progress updates in our project tracking tool

  1. All content acquired
    • You have received all the necessary assets from the Instructor/Instructional Design. It is generally a good idea to have everything finalized and in-hand before beginning production to avoid confusion, errors or having to redo work.
  2. Format slides
    • Do all of your slide formatting and design
    • Review your work for consistency, completeness and correctness
    • Export your slides from PowerPoint for use in Storybook Pages
  3. Edit Audio
    • Extract the audio from the presentation
    • Edit and clean up the audio
    • Export the audio to MP3 for use in Storybook Pages
  4. Export downloadable audio
    • If appropriate, export a single that contains the audio from all Storybook Pages of the presentation
  5. Create and update the sbplus.xml file
    • Create the XML file that configures the Storybook Presentation
  6. Package and upload to web server (including placeholder transcript)
    • Place all of the images, audio files, and downloadable versions in the appropriate places Storybook Project with the appropriate file names
    • Be sure to include a placeholder transcript file that will indicate to students that the transcript is currently in process and will be available in the future
    • Upload the Storybook Project to the appropriate location on the Web Server
  7. Send the link to Instructional Design
    • Send instructional design a link to the final presentation. They will use this to embed the project in the course.
  8. Send out for transcript and mark project “Transcription Submitted”
    • Create transcript audio that contains verbal indicators of Storybook Page numbers
    • Send this file to 3PlayMedia for Transcription
  9. Combine Storybook Pages and Transcript Text into a transcript document
    • Once the transcript comes back combine it with the images used on Corresponding Storybook pages
    • Create transcript pages and Answers for them in the transcript
  10. Upload transcript PDF to the web server
    • Upload the completed transcript to the web server replacing the placeholder transcript
  11. Back up the Project to the local File Server and Mark project Done
    • Tidy up your dev folder by removing any extra files or folders you may have made during the development process (PowerPoint extractions, test files, etc)
    • Backup the whole project folder containing the fin, dev, and transcription folders to the appropriate course folder on the appropriate File Server
    • Remove the local copy from your machine

Terminology Reporting Progress

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