Storybook – Reporting Progress

Screenshot of a board in

We use a web-based project tracking tool called (we refer to it as to communicate our progress on projects. There are multiple stages throughout the Storybook production process that are associated with a status change inside of It is important to remember to make these status updates as best you can to keep others updated on your progress and workload.

The stages associated with Status updates in are as follows:

  • Assets Acquired
    • You have received all assets necessary to complete the project
  • Developing
    • You have begun working on development of the project (Editing, formatting, assembly)
  • Send the link to Instructional Design
    • Instructional Design has received a link to the project and can use it in a course.
    • Transcript is not ready at this point
  • Transcription Submitted
    • You have sent out for transcription but it has not returned yet
  • Done & backed up
    • The project is complete, including transcript
    • The project is backed up to the appropriate file server and removed from your local machine

Process Overview and Checklist Acquiring Assets

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