Storybook – Terminology

Below is a list of common terms that have specific meanings or purpose when discussing a Storybook Presentation and it’s production.

The technology/web application that powers our Narrated Presentations here at CEOEL. It is sometimes referred to by its full product name “Storybook Plus.” It was created here at CEOEL and leverages modern web technologies. It runs in all modern web browsers on computers and mobile devices.
Narrated Presentation
An audio-visual media piece that comprises images with accompanying narration. Also referred to by some as a lecture or commentary.
An application used to make and present slide shows. Popularly known as tool bore co-workers when used incorrectly. Sometimes instructors refer to our Storybook Presentations as “PowerPoints,” this should be discouraged as it is incorrect.
Storybook Page
This is one entry in the table of contents of a Storybook Presentation. It may contain a video, a slide from PowerPoint, an image created in Photoshop with accompanying audio, a Quiz item, etc. Note that it is not formally called a “slide” because it may itself contain a slide or other content.
Course Theme
All ascetic and stylistic decisions that are made to standardize and shape the appearance and structure of content created for a course. These decisions can be made by a course lead, or delegated to a team member or members. More details are located on the Course Themes.
PowerPoint Theme
The file that contains all of the slide layouts, fonts choices, backgrounds and colors used in a PowerPoint presentation. It is applied to a presentation to rapidly conform the content to a consistent look and structure.
A PDF that contains a text and images version of the Storybook Presentation.
The video hosting platform we use.
3Play Media
The service we send our content to for transcribing and captioning. We send them the media files and then they produce text and captioning documents for us to use with our content. Also known as 3Play.

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