Narrated Presentation Transcript Audio


When sending the audio for transcription, we need to do so in one single audio file. This means we have to combine all of the individual audio files from each slide into one.

To allow us to easily see where each slide in the presentation starts, we will mix in some audio files that say aloud the slide number. This way the transcriber will write the the slide number in the transcript at the appropriate places.

Creating the audio file

To create this fancy new audio file for transcription, we need two things. First, all of our audio files from the presentation. They should be named sequentially either media01.ext or slide01.ext. For example:

  • media01.wav
  • media02.wav
  • media03.wav
  • media04.wav
  • media05.wav

Second, we need the audio files that say slide numbers. These can be found in our media resources drive.


These come in two sets, one with file names starting with “media” the other with “slide”. There are enough audio files for presentations with up to 50 slides.

We are going to combine these inside of Premiere. You could conceivably do this in other programs too, this is just one method.


  1. In a new Premiere project, add all of your audio files from the presentation to the project bin.
  2. Next add all of the matching slide number audio files to the bin.
  3. Click the “Name” sort header in the bin to organize the view in alphabetic/numeric order. You should now see a list of alternating files similar to the one below:sort
  4. Create a new timeline for your transcript audio.
  5. Select all of the audio files in your bin and add them to the timeline.If everything went well, you should have a timeline of alternating slide number and narration audio. Be sure to check the timeline to make sure things are in order. If they are not, clear the timeline and try dragging them in again. Premiere can be inconsistent from time to time. Best bet is to always remember to sort the list, and when dragging the files, grab the first/topmost one.
  6. Export an MP3 for uploading to our transcriber!
Note! This method works for video based slides too! If you would like to provide video for the transcriber, just export and upload a video instead of an MP3. You can use the same video export preset you use for Kaltura.

Published on March 22, 2015 at 11:59:09 pm CDT. Last modified on May 04, 2018 at 1:41:47 pm CDT.