ULS ID/Media Workflow

Below is a high-level outline of the communication process between Instructional Design (ID) and Media, during the development of University Learning Store (ULS) courses. Please make a concerted effort to follow through on each of these communication tasks to help improve workflow efficiencies.

Media Design and Development Workflow for ULS Courses

Instructional Design & Subject Matter Expert Discussion

During this consultation, the instructional designer will consult with the subject matter expert (SME) to provide a high-level overview of the ULS initiative, with examples from pre-existing courses. This is also an opportunity to educate the SME on the competency-based education model and how it is applied to the ULS course.

There are two major outcomes of this meeting:

  1. Construct an initial structure/flow of the course
  2. Develop a high-level development timeline for non-media instructional materials

Media Plan Kickoff Meeting

During this meeting, ID, Media, and the SME will collaborate to determine media needs for the ULS course. This is an opportunity to align the proper medium for content delivery with the intended learning objectives and outcomes. In no way should this be a prescriptive process but rather an open forum to explore and discuss ideas.

There are two major outcomes of this meeting:

  1. Document list of media assets to develop for the course
  2. Develop a high-level development timeline

Media Planning & Coordination

The lead media specialist works with the SME to hash out the logistics of any and all video shoots. If the SME plans on developing narrated presentations, the media specialist will use this time to coordinate a web session for training purposes.

Media Debrief

This is an opportunity for the lead media specialist to convey unique strategies and approaches for delivering the media content after it has been filmed, recorded, etc.

Quality Assurance Check

ID and Media perform a final QA check to ensure that everything is functioning and displaying properly in Canvas.

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