Marla Norton

Creative Lead

I consider myself an adventurer, always up for a challenge, and someone who blazes new trails. I love the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that we have in CEOEL and every day tends to be an adventure. I am excited to take on all of our new and upcoming challenges. My time in CEOEL has brought me such experiences as program development, brand development, program website redesigns, and many other projects. In my past experiences prior to CEOEL I worked in the private sector, primarily in fashion having assisted creative direction for in-house brand marketing, brought creative and marketing in-house, launched a startup business, launched eCommerce, and created communications design for a public relations firm.

Being an adventurer, if I’m not in the office you can usually find me hiking a trail (or blazing new trails), traveling to new adventures, attending concerts. I am always creating, whether it is landscaping, decorating, crafting, painting, lettering, sewing, baking, you name it I can do it. I always have many projects going and never sit down.


Branding Creative Direction Communications Design User Experience Design Illustration